PTFE Cartridge

Our are eminent manufacturer of PTFE Filter Cartridge used for sterile filtration for air & gas stream. PTFE cartridges supplied by us are widely used in high corrosive solution such as strong acid, bases solution and solvents that have 95% porosity. These filters are used for solvents as well as compressed gas and vent filters.

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Features :

  • PTFE membrane has excellent chemical resistance
  • Complete testing guarantees a superior and consistent product
  • Cartridges offer structural stability, long life, and high performance with high filtration area
  • Excellent for chemical and pharmaceutical filtration applications
  • PTFE cartridges are hydrophobic, resisting water while offering excellent air and gas flow
  • Autoclave sterilization features
  • The cartridge is of single piece constructions which helps ease change out.
  • Cartridge is designed to withstand pressure.
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